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Dear Andrew and all former czernowitzers,

I send you the next Traian Popovici's life episode.

All the children had got a rough education. in family. Especially, their father was very authoritatively with them, punishing their mistakes. It is famous their calling in a specially room where their father first quarreled them and then they were pulled by ears. But very often they were punished with a stick, getting at least 10 and the most 25 kicks. Also, they had to number their own kicks but without tears. If they quarreled, then the counting was beginning again. After this ritual, they were learned to request the parent's apologizes and the father's blessing. And then, the poor mother was trying to give the children some cakes for sweetening of their pains. Of course, this punish was applied in case of the big mistakes. It must be said that this way of punishing was used only in the first classes until they were in the 4th or 5 th grade.

As you notice, there were a ritual for their whole family. Following the same model, there were their meals, after an unchanged programme. Thus, at 7 o'clock they had coffee, at half past twelve they had lunch and dinner at half past 7 p.m. As you see they had a very rigid programme. Also, each of them had very well established places during the meal. In front of the table, the father there was, place which was respected by all and after the their father' s death. At the left of father was the mother. Opposite the father, was Traian because he was the eldest of his brothers. Nobody was sitting at the table before father's coming. The rules were rigid and even when they had to eat. Thus, they were not allowed to stay with their elbows on the table. During the lunch, the discussions were very shorts and and in these they were allowed to participate only the parents and Traian. Those who didn't respect this rules had to leave that room and eat in the kitchen. In the evening, they used
 to read something from the Romanian classic literature or the whole chapters from 'The Romanian history' written by the famous historian A.D. Xenopol. This task belonged to Traian. Also, he had a real poetical talent and he used to read to the whole family poems written by Eminescu, Cosbuc, Goga and so on. Moreover, he knew by heart many of their poems, especially those with historical background. He liked very much to recite 'The battle from Rovine' a magnificent poem written by Eminescu. Before sleeping, mother used to sing the melancholy Romanian folk songs. At 9 p.m. (in the summer later), they had to go to bed, because the second day they had to get up early. Father got up at about 5 a.m., while the children had to get up at 6 a.m. Till 7 a.m., when they had to coffee, they had to do cleaning in their room, wash, clean the boots and , the most important, do the prayers.

I think is enough for now!

Best wishes,
Florentin Lehaci
The President of 'Traian Popovici Association'
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