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From: Abraham Kogan <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 12:15:45 +0300
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I do not know where are the offices of the Jewish Community. However, you
may wish to contact the offices of the Jewish Welfare Fund Hesed-Sushana in
Cz. , located at Vul. O. Kobilyanskoy 53 and try to see Dr. Iosip BUrsuk,
who is the medical Director of this institution. He does not speak English;
he speaks Russian, German, Yiddish, and perhaps still some Romanian. The
e-mail addres of Hesed-Shushana is: Another contact you may wish to try is: Mr. Felix
Zuckermann, also a real Cz. Veteran. He is a very nice gentleman, I saw him
when I was in Cz. in May 2006. His e-mail: : Phone:
++38-(0)372-55 12 46. I am not sure whether he speaks English or even
Romanian. I communicated with in German (Hochdeutsch).
Good luck,
Abraham Kogan

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Subject: [Cz-L] Visit to Cz - contact with Jewish community

> Hello all,
> I am taking a small family group (6) to Cz and the vicinity from July 11th
> to 18th. While there we will be guided by Zoya Danilovitch who is well
> known
> to Mimi.
> I would greatly appreciate advice on getting in touch with the Jewish
> community there so that we might, among other activities take part in a
> prayer service at the synagogue. I also hope (but am not optimistic) to
> find
> information about my mother's family.
> Unfortunately I have next to no concrete personal information about our
> family roots in Cz. As I wrote previously, my mother Rosa (nee Wariten)
> died
> young, before I was motivated and able to talk to her in any depth about
> her
> life in Cz. I have not managed to find any information anywhere about my
> mother's family. My sister Mia was born in Cz in September 1939 and
> obviously has no memories of Cz. She also spoke very little to our mother
> of
> those times.
> Therefore the Cz part of our visit will be one of bonding with the spirit
> of
> my mother and her family. If I find even the smallest remnant of our
> family
> history in Cz it will be a revelation.
> Zev Cohen
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