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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 22:37:23 +0300
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Hello all,

I am taking a small family group (6) to Cz and the vicinity from July 11th
to 18th. While there we will be guided by Zoya Danilovitch who is well known
to Mimi.
I would greatly appreciate advice on getting in touch with the Jewish
community there so that we might, among other activities take part in a
prayer service at the synagogue. I also hope (but am not optimistic) to find
information about my mother's family.
Unfortunately I have next to no concrete personal information about our
family roots in Cz. As I wrote previously, my mother Rosa (nee Wariten) died
young, before I was motivated and able to talk to her in any depth about her
life in Cz. I have not managed to find any information anywhere about my
mother's family. My sister Mia was born in Cz in September 1939 and
obviously has no memories of Cz. She also spoke very little to our mother of
those times.
Therefore the Cz part of our visit will be one of bonding with the spirit of
my mother and her family. If I find even the smallest remnant of our family
history in Cz it will be a revelation.

Zev Cohen
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