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Dear hardy, amen! cornel

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Dear All,
  The sequence of procedure, if we want the plate done :

    1. Get the money - we need some 3000 $ .
        If we dont have it you may stop reading the following.
         I just saw a 1500 contribution coming in.

    2. Get in touch with Anatoly and give him a retainer.
          He will get the license find the house and shorten the text.
          There is consesus that he can do it.
           We ,as outsiders , are not able to understand or do it.
             It is just too bad we were not told earlier by locals what to
do ,and save time.
              But even now ,we do not listen to reason and continue the
impossible way.
            As our discussion on the 20,000 - 19600 problem.
               We can have any number we like - on Traians tomb it says
             Historic truth ? We will never know . Nobody can tell. Nor does

it matter.
              Nobody disputes any number . It is just us .
                The text can be shortened (see my version).
                 To tell the whole story you would need a plate 2 stories
             We can do without the crowd of people on the plate.
             It does not contribute to the subject and is space robbing.
                 So let us get in touch with Anatoly and get things moving.
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