[Cz-L] Painless Way to Navigate New Yad VaShem Photo Archive

From: Jane Reifer <cluttercontrol_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 00:33:24 -0700
To: 'CzERNOWITZ-L' <czernowitz-l_at_cornell.edu>
Reply-to: Jane Reifer <cluttercontrol_at_earthlink.net>

1. Visit www.yadvashem.org
2. Click on "Online Photo Archive" image near top
3. Enter your search term
4. Instead of viewing individual photos, just browse thumbnails, noting one=
you'd like to review later
5. The first time you want to advance one page, use the first blue triangle
at top left
6. Succeeding times you'd like to advance one page, use the third blue
triangle at top or bottom left. Be sure to view "more details" and note tha=
you can submit comments on each image

Until it's fixed, when you finally want to view individual photos, you'll
need to go back to the home page and redo your search each time.

I'm sure this will be fixed. It's an amazing resource.

Good luck,

Jane Reifer
Fullerton, California

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