Re: [Cz-L] On Topic, Off Topic.

From: Arthur von Czernowitz <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 08:06:14 +0300
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Why don’t you explain what a ZWIOK is and I hope you have your
BUKANTSHEN on as you are getting deeper in to BLOTE.


> Every now and then we receive a post from the moderator saying:
> " ...your post is off topic and not submitted to the list... ".
> Topic meaning genealogy - looking for relatives from Czernowitz
> and surroundings.
> Of current posts how many deal with this kind of topic ?
> One percent ? Maybe less. According to the archives the
> list exist since 2002 and has some 350 members.
> All joined years ago and had their queries answered (or not).
> What kept them in the list ? Assisting others - if they can.
> What else ? Other issues - all off topic.
> As stated before if we kept to the rule the trafic on the
> Ehpes would be very,very low.
> What fills the space ? Subjects like:
> Museums
> Popovici
> Cemetery
> Yiddish
> Cooking
> Books
> Book keeping
> Travel advice
> Krenwurstel
> Lokshen
> A Babes a Zwiok
> and other matters that make life interesting
> and we like discussing, related to
> Czernowitz ,but not only.
> Filter these out and what have you got ?
> Hardy
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