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Hi, the building is the old jewish house and it was just in the process of =
having the scaffolding removed after a cleanup and repainting job while we w=
ere there...location the theaterplatz. About mamaliga..if you go to Wikiped=
ia it tells you that it is mainly a Rumanian and Moldovan food but versions =
of it exist in all sorts of countries . but..and this is a big but..,in czer=
nowitz this time i discovered an absolutely delicious version of it called B=
ANUSH which is mamaliga cooked with sour cream instead of with water, and co=
mes with tiny bits of very unkosher roasted bacon on top. Well worth trying!=
! cornel

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Dear All,
As usual, Hardy Breir sees things as they are.

My family came from Galicia and referred to horseraddish as Chrein. It's n=
ice to find out the origin of this word (especially how to spell it) as each=
 bite of info takes a researcher a little closer to one's origins. My family=
 was from Mielnica and Kudrynce, Galicia.
A few years ago I learned that Bobbie, the name my maternal g/mother Chana =
FLEISCHMANN, from Tarnopol was called, was Ukrainian for Bubbe and that mumm=
aliga was a Ukrainian dish. I find these pieces of seemingly trivial import=
ance actually great subtle links to the genealogical puzzle.

Also, I very much enjoyed seeing the propsed museum pictures from Cznerowit=
z a few weeks ago, with those involved working hard at making it come to be.=
 It brings it all to life and seeing the building w/the banner in the backgr=
ound, so clean and rich looking, gives me a sense of what the city might hav=
e looked like in my father's time (early 1900s) when he worked there. I'm cu=
rious to know what building it is, what the banner says, and was the buildin=
g recently cleaned for the anniversary celebration.

Thanks in advance for any answers and to Bruce and Jerome for providing thi=
s wonderful web site where I have learned so much from the researchers.

Best Wishes,
Jeanne Blitzer Andelman
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