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  Bokantschen is the Czernowitz adaptation of the Rumanian word
  Bocanci for boots. This is what the glorious rumanian Army was
   short of. They ran on Opinci - a lambskin tied to the feet with
    laces. They didn't have leather soles for boots.
   In old time Czernowitz they called boots Goiserer ,after the famous
    Bad Goisern boots manufacturer of the Salzkammergut in Austria.
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Ok, so you explained what a BABES ZWOIK is, but I also wanted you to
comment on BOKANTSHEN (spel).
I participated last year in a Workshop on Transnistria in Jerusalem.
One of the questions was, what are BOKANTSHEN.
Participating there were 4 born Czernowitzer who new what it was.
Bokantshen, is a Czernowitz word for boots.


> Hardy
> Why donít you explain what a ZWIOK is and I hope you have your
> BUKANTSHEN on as you are getting deeper in to BLOTE.
> Arthur

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