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I still say "Frisch gesind and meschige" quite often.
Usually about someone who seems alright, but has
a particularly ridiculous idea or attitude.

Does anyone know the expression "Er sol chapen a Krenk"?
And "Ei Cholera"?

In my family, "Sei gesind" was said in sarcasm.
You said "be well and healthy", but what you meant was:
Stop bothering me!

One Czernowitz medicine which did and does work, was
applying a piece of onion which had been cooked without water
or oil directly on the cast iron stove, to a boil or a wound
which had become infected.

Another remedy which worked, this for a stomach ache, was to heat
the lid of a pot in the oven, wrap it in a towel and put it
on the aching stomach.

Everything gave a child a stomach ache:
Oven fresh bread, green apples, cold water on an empty stomach...
If the hot lid did not work, you got Chamomile tea.

For a cold, you got tea with milk and for a cough, hot milk
with butter and honey.

I all these did not help, you called Dr. Wiesenthal.


> Being sick in Czernowitz.
> Sick in yiddish is Krank (German).
> But "hoben a Krenk " was not describing a malady but rather
> a financial situation - " not having a thing ".
> Bankes and Pioukes (from the Ukr.) were cupping glasses and leeches
> usualy
> kept by barbers .
> Barbers were called Parikmachers in Ukrainean from
> Peruckenmacher (Ger) . From here the Yiddish term Parich.
> Parich was a kind of skin malady of the scalp but came to
> describe a status as Krenk : "er hot a Parich " - he doesn't have a
> thing.
> Then there was the Kile for Hernia with its derivates: Kilewatsch,
> Kilejodne ,Kilebendel.
> And of course if you had a loose stomach you had the Srachke (Ukr).
> Srachke you got if you drank cold water after eating pears.
> This is what my Babe told me.
> She was a wonder healer from here" Babske "medications.
> Once she applied charcoal dust to a unstoppable bleeding
> on my brothers leg.
> He got a severe blood poisining and had to go to the hospital.
> We also said :Frisch, gesind in meschige.
> Seits mir gesind
> Hardy

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