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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 15:26:43 +0300
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The same song sang my mother and we, me and my sister accompanied her. It is
in German not Yiddisch and the text I remember is:

Ein Hund kam in die Kueche
Und stahl dem Koch ein Ei
Der Koch nahm einen Loeffel
Und schlug den Hund entzwei.

Da kamen alle Hunde
Und grabten ihm ein Grab
D'rauf stellten sie ein Denkmal
Auf welchem dieses stand:

Ein Hund etc. etc.

For those who do not speak German (with excuses for my poor English):

A dog came to the kitchen
And stole the cook an egg
The cook took a spoon
And cut the dog in two (?)

So all the dogs assembled
And digged the dog a grave
On which they wrote:

A dog came etc etc .......again

It is a song which never ends.....

Even relatives in Vienna did not know the son,g so I suppose it was a
specific Bukowiner one.
The whole discussion on Bukowiner expressions is most interesting and caused
me to remember my parents and the whole atmosphere there. Thank you all of

Yitzkhak Rosner

On 6/28/08, <> wrote:
> 6-27-08
> Dear List members,
> I remember hearing my Sadagura/CZ mother say an expression in German and
> laugh at it. For years I have been wondering if any one knew this
> expression. Then in today's postings, Andrew Malmay used the words "Pukel
> 'runter rutchen", then Cornel Fleming used the words "mir den puckel
> runterrutschen", then Hardy used the words "Den Buckel herunterrutschen".
> These words served as a memory jogger.
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