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A few remarks about different subjects mentioned in last digest:
- "Herrunterrutschen etc.": even today, in Austria and Southern Germany, th=
(correct) nasty say is "Du kannst mir den Buckel herrunterrutschen und mit =
Zunge bremsen" (you may slide down my back and brake with your tongue".

Actually, this refers to a letter from Goethe (I forgot to whom he s
ent it), ending with the four letters L m a A Leck mich am Arsch Lick my =
(Sorry for this but, after all, it's Goethe!)

- Dr. Wiesenthal helped a lot during the ghetto period: I was just a baby a=
that time and my mother told me that, thanks to him and to a certificate
he delivered about an alledged illness I got, we escaped at least once from
deportation... I believe that a daughter of Dr Wiesenthal lives (lived) in
Germany after the war.

- As a child, even when we were already in France, I remember the song "Ein
 Hund kam in die ?che..."

- I also heard the say "Wie bei der Rebbetze im Bett...!"

- Talking of occultism and superstition: I never heard of the glass turned
upside down, under the table, etc... BUT, until a few years ago, I thought
that the reaction whereby someone mimicks spitting three times "Ptt! Ptt! P=
in order to avoid the bad eye, was typically Jewish superstition - Not
at all: waterproof Ukrainian friends in Kiev do the same! And what about
hitting three times with one hand on the other in order to avoid a potentia=
bad event, of which you got aware because your nose was itching? Superstiti=
could lead us far...

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