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Buckel is German for hump.( Puckel if you insist)
   Except for the curse we did not use it for hump.
   For hump we had two choices:
   One Germanic : Hoyker ,from Hoecker
   One Slavic : Horb
     Both were used not only anatomically but figuratively meaning "
      " Di sugst er hot a million dollar ? Ich sug dir er hot a Horb".
      " Er hot Geld ? A Hoyker hot er ".
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A few remarks about different subjects mentioned in last digest:
- "Herrunterrutschen etc.": even today, in Austria and Southern Germany, the
(correct) nasty say is "Du kannst mir den Buckel herrunterrutschen und mit
Zunge bremsen" (you may slide down my back and brake with your tongue".

Actually, this refers to a letter from Goethe (I forgot to whom he s
ent it), ending with the four letters L m a A Leck mich am Arsch Lick my
(Sorry for this but, after all, it's Goethe!)

- Dr. Wiesenthal helped a lot during the ghetto period: I was just a baby at
that time and my mother told me that, thanks to him and to a certificate
he delivered about an alledged illness I got, we escaped at least once from
deportation... I believe that a daughter of Dr Wiesenthal lives (lived) in
Germany after the war.

- As a child, even when we were already in France, I remember the song "Ein
 Hund kam in die ?che..."

- I also heard the say "Wie bei der Rebbetze im Bett...!"

- Talking of occultism and superstition: I never heard of the glass turned
upside down, under the table, etc... BUT, until a few years ago, I thought
that the reaction whereby someone mimicks spitting three times "Ptt! Ptt!
in order to avoid the bad eye, was typically Jewish superstition - Not
at all: waterproof Ukrainian friends in Kiev do the same! And what about
hitting three times with one hand on the other in order to avoid a potential
bad event, of which you got aware because your nose was itching?
could lead us far...

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