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This is ironic.  Through Jewish Gen I found a picture of my grandmother's=
 grave in Czernowitz but in the meantime, half my relatives in America in th=
e last 15-20 years have disappeared. 

Of those who should still be living: Leon Besner, early to mid eighties, of=
 New York, may have lived on Long Island. 
Jackie Adrian, mid-sixties, nee Solloway, married to Chuck Adrian, both for=
mer teachers of Monsey, NY.  My cousin, Ruth Solloway, Jackie's mother=
 had moved to Florida and died there.  The Adrians might have also moved t=
o Florida but I've not been able to find any trace of them.  They had two =
or three children.
If by some chance any of you happen to know of them, I would be deeply grat=
eful to catch up with them.  Thanks in advance.

Andy Halmay

P.S. Steven Lasky thought some of you might have an answer to the following=
:  Was it a practice in Czernowitz to finish a meal with some jam and cold=
 water as a form of desert? 
My mother told me a funny story about my dad in this connection. He had com=
e to Czernowitz from Arad around 1922 to represent Baron von Neumann's texti=
le mills.  My grandmother had rented him a room.  He was invited to eat =
with grandmother, mother and my aunt Hilda. The girls were still in their =
At the end of the meal they passed around a small serving dish with strawbe=
rry or raspberry jam (confitur?) and he was supposed to help himself to one =
or two spoons and pass the dish forward. Being Hungarian and not knowing t=
his tradition he set the serving dish down in front of himself and started s=
pooning up the sweet stuff.  They watched him with disbelief. Eventually h=
e stopped and said, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I can finish this," and th=
ey then burst out in laughter.  I've come across this practice nowhere els=
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