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I too see it as an honor.

Jerry Lapides, Ph.D.
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The Forvits (Forward) was in its day the premier daily Yiddish
language newspaper in NYC and most probably the United States. It was
started in 1897 and is still published today in seperate English and
Yiddish editions. It is also available on-line. I'm sure many of you
know of it.

I have today received a request from the Forvits for access to the
materials on our website. It seems only proper to pass this request
on to you to see if anyone had any objections to allowing unrestricted
access to your materials.

To my mind, I see this as an honour, but some may see it differently.
Here is the correspondence:

Tayere Khaver,

I'm writing to express admiration for your website, and to inquire
about using some images that appear in it? We at the Yiddish Forverts
newspaper, are working on a web-video about the Czernowitz Conference
of 1908, in which Yiddish was discussed as the primary focus of the
event. To that end, as you may imagine it is difficult to obtain
imagery that expresses Jewish life there at that time. However, the
materials you've gathered are very expressive and would be useful to
us on this project. We would be very happy to present you with a copy
of our piece upon completion and will credit your group and give the
web address in our video's credits. I hope we can cooperate and share
materials, and again, congratulations on such a visually engaging



Chana Pollack
Forward Photo Archives
Forward Newspaper
212-889-8200 x483


So, if anyone wants particular materials that they have contributed
excluded, please let me know and I will inform Ms.Pollack.


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