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Hi all. If interested, go on google.put in fluden cake and you will find
recipes and its whole history,including the information that the name is
derived from an old german word for a kind of layer cake. cornel

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Karl. Hardy and all:
Well I am one of the usually silent members, since my grandmother, Erna
Weisselberg and her family left Czernowitz in 1914, so I mostly "lurk" on
the list and enjoy the wonderful stories and comments. However, she did pass
on, along with many wonderful stories and a strong sense of the cosmopolitan
culture of Czernowitz, a written cookbook of her recipes, so on the subject
of food I may have something to contribute.

Is fluden the same as what she called nussschnitten? This is a shallow cake
with a dough which is mostly ground walnuts, which is then spread with
bitter orange marmalade between the layers. I don't know if it is authentish
Cernowitzer "fluden";her mother had a stroke when she was a teenager, and
most of her baking recipes came from her mother-in-law, Betti Reiman (nee
Goldenberg) who was from Braila; one of my Reiman cousins has her hand
written recipes also.

I'll type out the recipe as it is given in Nana's cookbook tonight and send

Alison Cordero
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