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May I ask regarding the origin/meaning of the name Muniu? Apart from my late
grandfather, who was a Muniu, all of my other bukowinian family members
had/have names I am familiar with (Oskar, Paula, Mia, Sali, Klara...) - is
it a Rumanian version of Mendel? Something else?

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I am sorry to sound pedantic, but Dr. Emanuel Hacken was Muniu not Munio.
Nobody in Cz. had italianate names, but there were plenty of Coltziu,
Bubtziu etc.
The Hackens, Muniu and Vera were very close friends, and their last
apartment was in the building I live now. Vera died at home, Muniu a few
years later
in a nursing home.
                                                        Gerhard (Bobby)

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