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Glemter Terk does no have to do with the Armenians.
In 1775 the " Pfort " ( GATE ) the name used to address the Turkish Imperia=
l Office gave the territory of Bukovina to the Austrian Empire in thanks for=
 their help in the war with the Russians.
Having been part of turkey it was use or exploited from a distance in that =
the landowners lived in Istambul. It was not a desirable property and margin=
ally managed from Turkey. The first and original well in the old center of C=
zernowitz the "tuerken Brunner" comes from that time.
Carlos Hecker

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> Miriam (Mimi) Taylor
> There were no Turks in Czernowitz, but there were Armenians.
> Could "gelemter Terk" have been translated from Armenian?
> What happened to Czernowitz Armenians?
> Did they leave, did they stay?
> Did they feel closer to the Ukrainians and Ruthenians, or the Romanians?
> Mimi
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