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Hi Joanna,
I am Cora Schwartz...born in the Bronx in 1942..on Walton Avenue and 184th
St....Walton H.S....if this rings a bell. (I still work in the Bronx!)
Anyhow, it will be hot. Make sure you pick a hotel with A/C; most of them do
you a favor and give you a fan..Also you want screens on your hotel windows.
  And you should bring good bug spray. Usually I change in Warsaw and fly to
Livov (Liviv) from there...if you can afford it, I would recommend flying
there and train back to Cracow if you want to visit people on your return. The
car ride from Livov is about 3 hours to CZ but it is picturesque and
interesting. Zoya, at the Hotel Cheramosh can send a car for you . Her email
address is:
(I don't think her hotel has A/C but at least check)
G-d bless you

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Subject: [Cz-L] going to Czernowitz early August
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Hello, I just joined the list. I am leaving in about 10 days and will =
spend about 2 weeks in Czernowitz. I am going as part of an =
international volunteer project under the auspices of a group called =
Volunteers for Peace. The counterpart group in Ukraine is an NGO called =

The project involves clearing graves in the Jewish cemetery, which I =
understand is badly neglected. I will be working with a group of 10 from =
various countries, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, =
Sweden, Italy, and Australia. I am from Massachusetts (originally from =
New York) and am the only American. I am a woman in my 50's. From my =
prior experience with volunteer projects thru VFP, most of the =
volunteers will be young adults. I believe that we will be working along =
with local people.=20

I do have relatives from the Czernowitz area. For those of you who know =
him, I am Nick Martin's cousin. Our grandmothers were sisters. From =
Nick, I know that my grandmother was from Sadgura and emigrated to the =
US in the early 20th century. She died in the Bronx, where I grew up, =
when I was about 12. I also have a cousin by marriage, in her 30's, who =
grew up in Czernowitz.

I would love to hear from anyone who has advice, questions, requests, =
etc. Right now I could particularly use suggestions about how to get =
there! My plan right now is to fly to Krakow and then take the train, =
but I don't have any specific info about train schedules, etc. I will =
be meeting up with my family in Krakow after the project, so flying =
there seems the way to go.

Thanks, Joanna Liss
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