Re: [Cz-L] Popovici plaque authorized

From: David Glynn <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 10:53:54 +0100
To: Miriam Taylor <>, czernowitz list <>
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It is very good news about the plaque.

I am however saddened that there will be no Romanian inscription. I cannot
help thinking that the lack of wording in Romanian demeans the plaque, and
in fact demeans the city. You said that "most members of this list
acquiesce" (though I don't remember contributing to this view?). I suppose
that I do acquiesce, but I just wanted to put on record that I think it is a
great pity.

Re the design of the plaque I have no strong feelings, provided that it
looks distinguished.

Best regards,


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> Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>
> Dear Cornel,
> Most of us regret that the Romanian inscription has to be omitted,
> But these are the conditions set by the city government and as far
> as I have been able to ascertain, most members of this list acquiesce.
> I have negotiated almost all that needs to be negotiated with the city
> authorities. With Tetyana Tatarchuk of the Chernivtsi government's
> public relations office I can communicate by Email in English.
> All I need now, are instructions as to how, by whom and when
> the plaque will be mounted.
> Anatolyi Piantkovski, has no Email and speaks only Russian.
> Arrangements for the making of the plaque need to be made locally,
> in Chernivtsi by a person who knows Ukrainian and knows the city.
> I need to be able to communicate with this person by Email in English.
> I am in contact with just such a person and I myself,
> will be in Chernivtsi in less than two weeks.
> I hope to hear from more members of the list, as to whether they prefer
> a simple or more elaborate plaque. I also hope to get more information
> about the possibilities and the cost of an elaborate plaque.
> Anatolyi Piankovski will be considered if we want an elaborate plaque,
> but only as one among others.
> Mimi
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