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I think that including an image of Popovici will engage more people in
the message even as it adds another dimension to honoring the man . . .

Regarding legibility of letters, if a matt finish is used on an area of
black granite, the stone appears grey. If the letters are carved in
this area, they will appear black and should be quite legible. Adding
gold leaf to the lettering would make the letters even more legible and
confer an honorific quality through the associations attached to the
preciousness of the material. So I vote for black granite, with an
image of Popovici photo-engraved and the lettering treated with gold


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hi all, just an observation. A very large number of the plaques i saw on
czernowitz walls were done by anatoli. Also,a large no have a photo on
them...and i must say that i was impressed by the quality of the
photos are good and in a couple of cases really look as though taken
life. And finally,it is very traditional in that part of the world to
what the person being commemorated actually looked like. cornel

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