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Mimi...i fully appreciate the work you have put into the plaque. HOWEVER,
this is a list of czernowitzers who are all involved...and i suspect who
will be asked to contribute to the cost. If you are doing this just for
yourself and will pay the expenses,then the decisions are all yours. If
that is not the case,then your "I will decide" remark is simply not
should be a majority decision of the group. cornel

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Before going to Czernowitz I made some inquiries via Lyudmila Aliyeva,
about the stone masons and sculptors/engravers/artists, in Chernivtsi,
who could make the plaque, also about the approximate cost.

Lyudmila is a member of our list, who lives in Chernivtsi and works
for an NGO organization which helps the homeless, elderly and others,
who might be described as the economically and socially unfortunate.
We had been corresponding for a while and and it was Lyudmila,
who helped me with advice and taking photographs of the Karolinengasse
and vicinity, till we were able to ascertain in which house Popovici lived.
In Chernivtsi, Lyudmila frequently acted as my translator and adviser.
I would have been quite lost without her help and all of us who want to have
the memorial plaque to Popovici put in place, owe her our thanks.

I had decided on a black granite plaque 50cm X 80cm on which there would be
the Ukrainian and English inscriptions and possibly a photo etching of
Popovici. In Chernivtsi, I intended to make final arrangements for the
making of the plaque. To this purpose, I wanted to meet Anatoly Piantkovski,
the artist who had made an initial proposal to Marianne and Florence, in May
and also
Sergei Kulipanov, a graphic designer, who would design the plaque and
supervise it's making by a mason.

Anatoly Piantkovski was in hospital and could not meet me personally.
I met with his wife instead and she was on the phone with him while we were
talking. She told me the likely cost of the plaque, which was above the sum
of money, I thought I could raise for this project. A few days ago, I let
Anatoly know, that I have decided to let someone else make the plaque.

With Sergei Kulipanov I discussed the design of the plaque and before I left
Chernivtsi, I already received from him, both a proposed design and also two
estimates (minimum cost and maximum cost) of the plaque.
I am currently corresponding with him about the design.

I may have been wrong about the exclusion of the Romanian inscription, quite
possibly this was just a suggestion by the city authrities, because 3
languages would require so much space that the letters would have to be
smaller than is generally acceptable. I got no definite clarification on
this issue.
It is clear to me now, that even if there is no objection by the city to the
Romanian inscription, if we include it, there is no room for a portrait
etching. I have asked Sergei to prepare two designs, one with the Romanian
inscription, the other with the portrait etching. Once I receive these,
I will decide. I already know that members of the list are almost evenly
split on this choice. Then the design will have to be approved by the
architectural committee of the city and Mr. Melnyk. Sergei will handle this.
Even if I decide on a Romanian inscription and not a portrait, this could be
rejected by the city authorities.

I will write more on the subject as I know more.



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