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Dear Cz'ers,
Sylvia ( _sylvia.deswaan_at_gmail.com_ (mailto:sylvia.deswaan_at_gmail.com) ) and
 I ( _coraschwartz_at_aol.com_ (mailto:coraschwartz_at_aol.com) )
plan to do the Ghetto Walk on Oct. 11th. We are also considering pooling
our expertise (Sylvia in photography and mine in writing) and producing some
sort of publication geared toward children (or more likely, young adults) on a
topic that might be based on the concept of 'home' and what it would be like
to have to leave it, as well as your friends and all that is familiar. We
have no specific plans yet, but we do know this will be a not-for-profit
endeavor, with proceeds to go to a charity for children. We are hoping the
publication would be financed through donations from family and friends and anyone
else who sees merit in this project. For now, we need to know:
1- who out there might be joining us on Oct. 11th?
2- does anyone have a map of what this walk might look like?
3- is anyone interested in supplying us with pictures to carry, and/or
information/memories of what it was like on that day, (even if you can not be
there on Oct. 11th)?

One more message to remind the world?
Cora and Sylvia
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