Re: AW: [Cz-L] THE volunteer cleaning of the cemetery in our city.

From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 15:24:38 -0400
To: Christian Herrmann <>, Anny Matar <>, Czernowitz Genealogy and History <>
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

Christian, You deserve every thank-you note you received.
I would have achieved nothing without your initiative, advice and guidance.


> Dear Mimi, dear Anny Matar, dear Czernowitzers,
> In answer of your mails I have to correct some things.
> I did not bring a group of Germans to Czernowitz. All volunteers - the
> Germans, French, Swedish, Polish, Italian, Americans and Australian - cam=
e as
> participants of a work-camp by SVIT-Ukraine on their own expenses.
> The organization I work for is in now way involved in my personal activit=
> around the work-camp.
> Mimi was the one who invested the most to make this work-camp true. It wa=
s she
> who wrote to the mayor and to the volunteer organizations and went throug=
h the
> endless and tiring ups and downs of this communication, at least successf=
> Mimi describes very good the contribution of all others: John Myers, Juli=
> Miyasyshevka, the city's administration, the volunteers, the work-camp
> leaders, the students of the local school. I support the idea to send a
> thank-you message to them.
> In case of the local students I would like to make a proposal: They are t=
> Czernowitzers of today, you are the ones who know everything about the ci=
> past. Why not offering them to ask you questions and to learn about the
> history and fate of the town? This could be a wonderful school project du=
> the anniversary.
> During the last two weeks I received many individual thank-yous from memb=
> of the list, some of them very touching. I'm very grateful about this. I =
> that I profited a lot from the knowledge and passion of many of the list'=
> members, more then I ever could give back. You enriched my life.
> Best wishes
> Christian
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