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I fully agree.
Henry Sinnreich

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> Subject: THE volunteer cleaning of the cemetery in our city.
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> to prepare something very special for all those who participated with
> Mr. Christian Hermann and his group of GERMANS, as well as for the "local"
> UKRANIAN volunteers who not only worked at the cleaning and clearing but are
> also willing to continue looking after it, which I think is a MOST laudable
> gesture. Such gesture comes not only from the pupils but must be supported
> by the Headmaster, therefore I suggest we sent a poster size letter of
> thanks to Mr. Hermann's people as well as the Headmaster of the Czernowitz
> school.
> This, I think, is the least we can do for such gracious offer.
> To my greatest regret, we Jews, don't really know how to show gratitude,
> what we're great in is complaining. If you managed to collect money for the
> plaque (I'm a late comer to this forum)
> so I think we should be able to collect enough money for a beautiful, large
> poster of thanks.
> Let's not time and grass grow over it.
> I hope I'll find some who'll agree with me,
> Regards,
> anny

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