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For general information and in answer to those, who have questioned
the number of Jewish people saved by Traian Popovici as given on
the plaque design, I copy below part of a letter sent by
Mr. Vadim Altskan of the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC
to the city Authorities of Chernivtsi with a copy to me:

> Dr. Radu Ioanid, Director of the International Archival Programs Division at
> the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC have asked me to
> send you the following quote from his book _ The Holocaust in Romania_ ( Ivan
> Dee, Chicago 2000), p.159 related to the rescue of Jews in Chernivtsi by
> Traian Popovici who served as a mayor of the city in 1941-1942:
> ...Popovici tried to oppose the deportations, and he managed to win - with the
> help of the governor of Bukovina- the approval of Antonescu (who was in
> Tiraspol at the time) to retain in the city some 15, 600 Jews as
> "specialists", along with some 4, 000 others to whom he himself had issued"
> temporary permits"
> This information is based on the archival sources that could be found in the
> following archives and publication:
> USHMM Archives RG - 25-004M, roll# 14 (original document in the State Archives
> of the Chernivtsi Region, fond 2868, opis 1, delo 207 ), also see Carp,
> _Cartea neagra_, ( Black Book) volume 3, p.141

My information about the number of Jewish residents, who were saved
by Mr. Popovici, comes from many professional accounts and books,
Such as:

"Cartea Neagra" by Matatias Carp (In Romanian)

"Holocaust in Romania", English translation of the above book,
published in 1994 by Primor Publishing Co. in Budapest.

"The Holocaust in Romania" by Radu Ioanid, in English, published in 2000.

"The Silent Holocaust" by I. C. Butnaru, in English, published in 1992.

"History of the Holocaust Romania" by Jean Ancel, in Hebrew,
published in 2002.

Best regards,

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