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I have posted Edgar Houster's magnificent work to our website. The
1909 Address Book lists over 12,000 names, addresses and in most cases
occupations of the adult population of Czernowitz as well as
organizations for that year.

This was an enormous effort on the part of Edgar and friends to
transcribe the Directory from photographed pages to a spread sheet. I
converted the spreadsheet to HTML, so all you need is your web browser
and a little patience to view this incredible resource (It's a very
large file and takes a bit of time to load). The sheet is searchable
using your browser's 'search' or 'find' function.

Also transcribed by Edgar were the suburbs of Czernowitz: Horecza,
Klokuczka, Manasteryska, Rosch, Radautz, and Suczawa. I am in the
process of converting these as well. When it's all done, it will be
available as a Menu item on the home page of Ehpes.

I found it most interesting and useful. If you do as well, let Edgar
know on the list. With encouragement I think he can be convinced to
transcribe the 1898 Address Book as well.

For now, the direct link to the page is:


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