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Dear fellow Czernowitzers,
I fully agree with Hardy. I am against any change of the 19,600 figure.
With all due respect to Radu Ioanid, I checked again the figure with Fred
Schneider, before my most recent interview by the Yad Vashem team. I came
to the conclusion that the 19,600 figure is the most reliable among the
various versions floating around.
Abraham K.
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> Mimi.
> In 1941 Popovici saved 19600 Jews.
> In 1942 after Popovici was dismissed , 2600 of those were rounded
> up and deported.
> This does not change the number he saved by one single soul.
> Popovici did not issue life insurances - he issued stay permits.
> The plaque is to state his deeds of 1941 .
> Even if all Jews were later deported ,his credit stays unchanged.
> I strongly oppose any change of this number .
> Hardy
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