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I looked for information about Ion Nistor on Google.
Here is what I found:

> Nistor a fost probabil unul dintre cei mai cunoscuţi masoni suceveni.
> Istoricul a fost unul dintre artizanii unirii Bucovinei cu Regatul Român,
> fiind cel care a redactat „Actul Unirii”.
> Ion Nistor a fost un istoric şi militant unionist, membru al comitetului
> de organizare a Adunării Naţionale de la Cernăuţi,
> care a hotărât unirea cu România, în cadrul căruia
> a redactat „Actul Unirii”.

As best as I can translate this:

Nistor, probably was one of the best known masons from Suceava.
The historian was one of the artisans of the union of Bucovina with the
kingdom of Romania. Because he was the one who edited the "Act of unision".

Ion Nistor was a historian and militant unionist, member of the committee
for the organization of the Adunării Naţionale de la Cernăuţi,
which demanded union with Romania, and its framework edited the
"Act of Unision".

Had it not been because of Ion Nistor and the likes of him,
as well as their sympathizers in Britain, Czernowitz would have remained
part of Austria?


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