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Dear Edgar and All,

I was "amply rewarded" too, although I already went through the
Brunner-Archives in the past year.

I have a great interest in this subject, you will see why. Here are my
Brunnerianer connections (from the list you have posted):

1. Eliezer/Lothar Bickel . I cannot say that I knew him. But he got to know
me. He came to visit me and my mother at the "Iubirea de oameni" hospital in
Bucharest the day I was born.Besides beeing "The Guru" of the Brunnerianers,
he was a friend of my father and a very successful gynecologist. Soon
afterwards he left Romania (1947).

2. Dr.David Glasberg and his sweet wife Bella, also good friends of my
parents. Dr.Glasberg was also my Childrens Orthopedist .I remeber their home
and the hospital he worked in.

3. I remeber Hansi and Luzy Grossmann in Bucharest, especially Luzy.

4. Dr. Adolf Heitner was one of the best friends of my father. They studied
together medecin in Bucharest in the '20s. He was handsome and charming.

5. Prof. Josef Hitzig - In 1959-60 my mother sent me to prof Hitzig for
consultations in mathematics in preparation of the high-school entry exams.
I went to his home 2-3 times.

6. Prof. A Hollinger visited our school.He was the author of school
mathematics textbooks, taught at the Bucharest University and edited the
"Gazette for mathematics" .

7. Willi Ordinans(z) was the husband of my mother's best youth-friend, Zip
Ordinanz. They left for Israel in the mid-30s. My mother met Zip again only
in the '70s in Israel.

8. Hersch Segal - I did not know him personally. is full of
information about this great man..

9. Nathan and Claire Sinnreich were very good friends of my parents. They
lived in our neighborhood in Bucharest. I remeber well their street and
home.Our ( jewish) neighborhood was later erased by Ceausescu.

10. Dr. Gabriel Stier was one of my father's best friends starting with the
years at the Medical University in Bucharest( mid '20s) till the last days
of my fathers life ( June 1958).
He and his wife, Coca Stier, left for Israel around 1960 and, then - to our
greatest joy- their daughter married my dear cousin. So, when I arrived in
Israel the Stiers were part of our family.

11. I remember vaguely Mr. Tischler for his singing ( Josef Schmidt songs?)
and his nice daughter, a singer and pianist. She helped me prepare for my
piano-exams in 1958.

1 2. Babette Chomed is still a misterious figuer: Julie Dawson discovered
among the papers she found in Medias a letter Babette wrote soon after her
"repatriation" in 1946 ( see Edgar's Radauti files) to one of my Ehrenkranz
uncles in Bucharest. Through the Brunner-Archives we learned that she was a
piano teacher ( probably in Medias, Romania).

I am happy and proud to have known personally some of those very special
people. They were the sunshine in my parents' life.
They were, in my view, an intellectual aristocracy.



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Phew, that was hard piece of work!

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