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  Hello all,
     The painter Daghani and his wife kept a diary in the Transnistria camp Michailovka. The diary was published in 1947 in Bucharest as "Groapa este in livada de visini". In Israel it was published in 1961
under the title "Lasst mich leben" (Let me live). The English version "The Grave in the Cherry Orchard", was published by Adam Press, London (1947 and 1961).
      In 1976, Hersch Segal a former beloved Czernowitz high school teacher edited the Selma Merbaum poems in "Bluetenlese" that he obtained through various intermediaries. On page 80 of that issue there is a drawing by Daghani showing the lowering of a dead person from an upper bunk in the camp.
That was Selma Merbaum who had died on December 16, 1942 in the camp. Daghani published the drawing under the title "Pieta". The original is at "Yad Vashem" in Jerusalem.

                                   Bianca Rosenthal

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My Story
“Groapa este in Livada de Vi&#537;ini" by Arnold Daghani.
I believe Daghani is a distant relive of ours.
After running away from Carieria de Piatra and Mikhalowka, Daghani and Ani&#537;oara ended up in our hut in Ber&#537;ad. I was only 6 years old at the time. All that I remember was that he constantly painted. One morning they disappeared and we never heard from them again. In 1947-1948 we received the book. In the book was a picture of a painting of our hut in Ber&#537;ad.
When we left Romania to make Aliya to Israel the book was confiscated by the Romanian Authorities.
In 2006 on a visit to Bucharest I was able buy the book in a book store, but in this book there were no pictures of Daghani’s paintings.
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