Re: [Cz-L] Mass grave for Austrian Jewish soldiers, World War I

From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2017 12:26:26 +0000
To: Edgar Hauster <>, CZERNOWITZ-L <>
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Great information, Edgar! Thank you so much.

In the photo, are the Austrian soldiers buried at the small stones just to
the left of the path? Or are they on the right side of the path?

Many thanks,

On 2/12/17, 6:25, "Edgar Hauster" <> wrote:

>Czernowitzers, dear Bruce...
>It was Eric Feinstein from Clifton, New Jersey, the assistant of Nolan
>Altman on the JOWBR project of JewishGen, who contacted me too.
>Eric wrote: "We have already made surveys of American and Canadian
>burials, British and French burials and now we are making separate lists
>of German and Austro-Hungarian Jewish soldier burials. [...] I understand
>that in Czernowitz there is a large Austro-Hungarian military section.
>[...] We would love any assistance to document Jewish military burials in
>any Bukowina cemeteries. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly
>appreciated. I would also be happy to share any information that we
>collect with you. If you can give us any assistance in this project it
>would be greatly appreciated." In June 2006 I took a photo of the section
>perfectly indicated by you. I assured Eric that on the occasion of my
>2017 motorcycle ride to Bukovina (August/September) I'll do my very best
>to find out more both at the cemetery itself and at the Czernowitz
>Regional Archives. The memorial, erected during the interwar period in
>1938 and perhaps refurbished in 2009, has been for sure accurately
>documented by the Czernowitz authorities.
>Good team work as always between Ehpes and JewishGen!
>Edgar Hauster
><> on behalf of Bruce Reisch
>Sent: Saturday, February 11, 2017 23:23
>Subject: [Cz-L] Mass grave for Austrian Jewish soldiers, World War I
>Dear Friends,
>Ive received an inquiry regarding a mass grave for Austrian-Jewish
>soldiers at the Zelena St. Jewish Cemetery.
>Our group discussed this in 2009:
>Apparently there are about 81 burials in this mass grave. The
>correspondence in our archives (above) reference location number 120 on
>a map, within Area 38. See this map for a fairly precise location:
>At the time of the correspondence in 2009, apparently the Austrian
>government was refurbishing a plaque for the 81 soldiers. The inquiry
>received asked if there is any information on the names of the soldiers
>buried in the mass grave. Does anyone know?
>Thank you,

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