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Dear Debora,

I'm of your age, borne inCzernowitz. Interestingly, a cousin of my father e=
migrated with his twinbrother (Isaak?) to US and shortly after moved to Can=
ada around 1922. He wasliving in Winnipeg/Manitoba till his death in the ea=
rly 1990th? Maybe you knewhim or your family had some knowledge about him. =
His name was Max Rosner, hiswife was Beth, or Betty. They had two daughters=
, Faigie and Libby.

Max moved to Canada from Kosov, which is in Galizia,about 10 kilometers fro=
m the borders of Bukovina further west from Czenowitz.

By the way, Alt Zuchka and Stara Zuchka, both German andUkrainian names wou=
ld be translated to English as Old Zuchka, to be pronounced like “Zhuchka”, ‘u’ here like a short “oo”.

Alex Rosner

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 Betreff: [Cz-L] About my ancestors
Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for adding me to your list.=C2=A0 I was asked to send a bit of in=
fo about myself and background that is pertinent so I have written the foll=

Let me introduce myself,=C2=A0 I am a 63 year old dual citizen, i.e., Canad=
ian and US who is a retired occasional French teacher, wife and mother.=C2=
=A0 My husband and I live in a north-central city surrounded by many beauti=
ful lakes, rivers and forests!=C2=A0=20

My maternal great-grandparents, Ferdinand Bednarski and his wife, Paulina K=
onet (Kmiec vel Chmed), emmigrated to Manitoba, Canada from western Ukraine=
 with 5 of their six daughters. By 1921 they had all finally immigrated to =
Canada , with the father coming first with one older daughter in 1911.=C2=
=A0 Before they came to Canada they lived and worked in Czernowitz in the p=
art of it my great-grandfather recorded as being, Alt=E2=80=99 Zucka.=C2=A0=
 It was also recorded in another document as, =E2=80=99Stara Zuchka=E2=80=
=99.=C2=A0 =C2=A0 From what I have determined comparing this latter place=
=E2=80=99s co-ordinates on Jewish Gazetter from the town finder of www.jewi= with the present day city of Chernivsti, it was located just nort=
h-east of the Cernauti bazar grounds, north of the Prut River.=C2=A0=20

The daughter who stayed in Czernowitz as she was married already was Hannah=
 Bednarski who married a man with the surname, Czepil.=C2=A0 But I never le=
arned his first name unfortunately.=C2=A0=20

I also had maternal great-grandparents who came from western Ukraine near t=
he same city but a bit further west in Bukovina.=C2=A0 His name was Wasyl S=
oltys and his wife was Aksana Toporowycz and they lived in Bedrykowce, Zale=
szczyki, Galicia, Austria.=C2=A0=20

Well, that=E2=80=99s the background of my maternal ancestors that I know ab=
out and how they related to the area of Czernowitz.=C2=A0=20

Deborah=C2=A0 Tremblay=C2=A0=20
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