The following items have been contributed by Natili Pechenkina, a.k.a Natasha of Hesed Shushana, in Czernowitz. The items come from the Czernowitz Archives.

1.1a.JPG    is a map of Bukovina from 1775-1918

1.2a.JPG    is a map of Bukovina from 1918-1940 

honourableCZ.html   is a file listing eight Jews along with a short history of each who were declared HONOURABLE CITIZENS OF CZERNOWITZ.

memory.html    is an HTML database spreadsheet listing  various Bukovina sites of mass graves of Jews murdered in 1941.  Some of the sites have monuments, and there are photos of some of the monuments.  The photos are accessible from the table, or or you can click here
to see them directly. This sheet is also available from the Ehpes Databases Section

The above items were originally posted in 2003 but somehow got deleted a few years ago and found again and reposted in Sept. 2012.

In September of 2012 Natasha wrote that she has produced a Czernowitz Street Name Translator on her Website at

There is an explaination in English about the Translator  on the right hand side of the home page. You can access the Translator from the pull down menu on the left side of the page even if you can't read the Cyrillic you may find this of value. 

Just a reminder that our own Street Name Translator is at: