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From: Adam <>
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 15:38:37 +0000 (GMT)

I seem to recall a big stink made about this a few years back, with the
end result being that the Mormons promised not to baptise Jews anymore.

Even if they did, if the benefit they gain for doing what I think is a
phoney-baloney procedure with no one listening on the other end of the
cosmic phone line is enough for them to meticulously maintain these
records... So be it. If I were Frum (as opposed to having ancestors
bearing the last name Frum) I would probably see it differently.

I don't know if you've met a lot of Mormons... I have, there are a lot of
'em here in Arizona. All those I've met are honest, clean living people,
(it's not like we are talking about something like Santeria or Voodoo
of Catholicism here... I don't recall reading about Mormon pograms
against Jews in Utah...) and it doesn't bother me so much because in
THEIR MIND they are being altruistic. Their intentions are altruistic.

If you are so opposed to what they are doing, you always have the option
of not using or recommending the fruits of their labor. I don't mean any
insult to you, but if you are that offended, don't use it.

Adam Muntner
Scottsdale, Arizona USA

Names: Frum, Muntner, ?

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Raanan S Isseroff wrote:

> BS"D
> Rabbi Gronich Shalom!
> Go back to the Ellis Island site.
> Find your relative.
> Now, click the button that says "manifest".
> This is 2 pages!
> The button will take you to one page.
> The second page is USUALLY before or after the first page.
> Sometimes the "volunteers" (harumph) (Avoda Zorah-nikers)
> (The Mormons who mann the site, don't just do this out of a sense of
> "Altruism", what they do is somehow "baptize" the geneological records
> there as part of their idol worshipping rites. A completely Anti-Jewish
> thing)
> (A pet peave of mine)
> Anyways, if the second page is not where it is supposed to be, click a
> few pages forward or backward to find the page.
> Now, look on the page (save it by right clicking).
> On the page, you will see:
> The name of a person and an address to whom they are going.
> The name and address of a person in the old country, from the town they
> came from....
> I will leave the rest to your imagination...
> Hope this is helpful.
> A good 14th day of the Sefira (Malchus She Be Gevura)
> Only 35 shopping days left until Shevuos!
> Bebrachot,
> Raanan Isseroff
> Brooklyn, USA
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