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Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 19:27:15 +0100
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<x-charset iso-8859-1>Dear Mimi,

No definite information re the ghetto, but I have a clue...

My mother's old school, the Meisler Schule, was in the ghetto - she knows
this because her cousin Anny (now in Israel) was in the ghetto, and told her
that in the ghetto she and the family lived in a room in what had been the
Meisler Schule.

My mother thinks the Meisler Schule was probably in the Schul Gasse. This
is a turning off the Hauptstrasse, on the right if you are coming down the
hill. The Meisler Schule would have been towards the far end and on the

My mother thinks that this street would probably have been on the edge of
the ghetto, which would have extended down the hill in the Jewish Quarter -
this would probably have included the Juden Gasse.

Sorry not to be more definite, but I hope this is helpful! I could get
further details from my cousin, but it would be rather difficult to do so
before you go.

I have had a quick look at my map, but cannot see Luta Str I'm afraid.

Best regards,


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> Mimi Taylor wrote:
> Dear all,
> Can anyone tell me where the ghetto of 1941 was? Also Str. Luta,
> I have not been able to find this street even though it is included in
> the
> Strassenverzeichnis of the map "Stadtplan...of 1941". And more, where is
> the Jewish temple - prayer, meeting house currently? I am leaving for
> Czernowitz tomorrow June 2, so please excuse my chutzpah, but if you
> can answer any of these questions, would you please do so in the next
> 24 hours. Best wishes, Mimi

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