RE: village: Kudrynce, Bukovina, Austria

From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 16:07:25 -0400

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My g-g-g-grandmother, Mirele (Miriam) Zimmerman came from Uscie Biskupie
(aka Ust'ye). I am very interested in learning more about this town which, I
believe, was a point of escape for young men fleeing Army service in Russian
Podolia. This, at least, is how my g-g-g-grandfather, Mordechai Gerstein
and Mirele met. Once across the Dniester you were in Galicia
(Austro-Hungary) and free of the Russian army. Mordechai was from the
village of Zhvanets, approximately 3 miles East of Khotin on the opposite
side of the Dniester.

I am very anxious to know if anyone else on the list has a connection to
Uscie Biskupie which translates as "Bishop's outlet."



Rand H. Fishbein, Ph.D.
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