village: Kudrynce, Bukovina, Austria

From: Edward Andelman <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 09:34:57 -0400

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<p>My father and ancestors came from Kudrynce, Bukovina, Austria, now called
Kudrintsy, Ukraine. I see many villages/towns mentioned in the Czernovitz
digest, but no one seems to come from this village.
<p>"Jewishgen coordinates) 4837 2617;
226.8 miles WSW of Kiev;
About 5 miles NE of Mielnitza/Mielnica, Galicia now Mel'nitza Ukraine;
(28 miles NNE of Czernovitz)"
<p>I have been writing a family-history book (The Tailor Shop, Threads
of our Past) on the web: <b>reiterblitzer</b>
In chapter 4, page 4 there are 1995 pictures of Kudrintsy taken by
Miriam Weiner of "Routes to Roots" when she visited it and the nearby city
Mielnitza/Mielnica, home of my mother's families.
<p>I have many, many records of my father's families from Kudrintsy
(from the AGAD archives), a few of which are on line, but I am interested
to know if anyone in the group may also have family origins there or know
anything about it.
<p>Thanks for any help,
<p>Jeanne Blitzer Andelman
Cleveland, OH
Mielnitza/Mielnica,Galicia now Mel'nitza Podolskaya,Ukraine--
Tarnopol, Galicia, now Ternopil, Ukraine--
Kudrynce, Bukovina, Austria, now Kudrintsy,Ukraine--


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