How to ID viruses

From: <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 06:12:19 -0400

Any file that someone sends you (and I am speaking to myself as well)
That has the following endings:


These files are Viruses. They are called executeable program files.
As soon as you see these file types come in, delete them.
I get an average of two a week.
But my system doesn't automatically open files as they come in.
As long as they are never opened, they don't do anything.
The problem is, I think, (correct me if I am wrong) that many systems
that are on line or pop-3 (pop-5?)
open any attachment automatically.
(I have Juno, which is not pop-3 (or pop whatever) so I don't have these

This auto-open feature can be turned off as far as I understand in your
explorer or navigator options settings.
Of course we all get tricked one time or another into opening these
All the best,

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