Chernovitz Rebbeisher Families (also Radutz)

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Below is from a Jewishgen posting that caught my eye.
It concerns the FREIDMAN family of Chernowitz / Radutz,
(and other related families) coming from the holy Rhiziner Rebbe
(Rabbi Yisroel of Rhizin).
All the best,

On 2003.07.03 I wrote ( See: Family of Rav Meir ARAK, ABD Tarnow):

> As a result of my genealogical research, I am in contact with a
> fourth cousin of mine that I hadn't known about before. She is
> writing a book about her family tree, which will therefore include
> me and my family on her side. Because of his last name I posed to
> her the possibility that her mother's father Dr. Mendel FRIEDMANN
> may have been a member of the FRIEDMANN Chassidic Dynasty
> established by the Rizhiner Rebbe.

Dear RavSiggers,

I have looked through some old replies to the yichus chart below for
which I am thankful. So even though I posted most of it before, I
have added extra information. As I said before in regard to my
cousin Malkie GRIFFEL I and her wish to know if she is descended
from the Rizhiner dynasty, the FRIEDMAN Rebbeshe dynasty. Her
grandmother informed her that she is related to the Bohusher Rebbe
who was of this dynasty but a question is how. If she is descended
from the Rizhiner in any fashion it would at least confirm her
grandmother's information. Any help on any FRIEDMAN connection would
be greatly appreciated. I am not descended from the Rizhiner. On my
behalf I wish to know of the ancestry of my mother's mother's mother
which includes her brothers Rav Meir ARAK, and Rav Fishel ARAK since
they were full siblings. Below is the expanded yichus chart.


David STEIN - (father of Fruma STEIN, wife of Aharon Yehuda ARAK and
mother of Rav Meir ARAK) 5th-generation descendant of the TaZ and
husband of Hinda STEIN

parents of

Shimshon (Shamshon) STEIN - Chaya Sara RATT (David STEIN and Hinda
STEIN were also the parents of Rabbi Mendel Lipa STEIN who was the
Rabbi in Chernovitz. He authored many seforim, one of which was the
famous Chidushei Rama"l)

parents of

Chaim STEIN - Hene AUERBACH (descendant of the TaZ and daughter of
Rabbi Yehoshua Heshel AUERBACH, Rabbi of Manostrisz mechuten of R'
Yisroel Sholem Yosef FRIEDMAN of Bohush (Buhusi) )

parents of

her maternal grandmother Frime (Frieda) STEIN


For her maternal grandfather's ancestry:

Avrohom FRIEDMANN (This FRIEDMANN family made Rebbishe and
yichusdige shiduchim.) - Chaya Sarah

parents of

Baruch FRIEDMANN - Chava Tauba (daughter of a David)

parents of

Yeshaye FRIEDMANN - Bas-Sheva (daughter of Shimshon (Shamshon)

parents of

her maternal grandfather Dr. Mendel FRIEDMAN

Baruch and Chava Tauba FRIEDMANN also had a daughter

Reizel (whose husband was named STATTNER)
another son Tzvi Hersh whose wife was named Sosha.
Tzvi Hersh and his wife Sosha

had a daughter

who was a daughter-in-law of Shimshon (Shamshon) STEIN and with her

parents of

the Rov in Radautz who was a
brother-in-law to David FRIEDMAN, Admor of Ploiesti,
husband of Bas-sheva TWERSKY
and brother of the most recent Bohusher Rebbe.
They were children of Sholom Yosef.
The Ozhernitser Rebbe of the famous TWERSKY dynasty was
the father of Bas-sheva TWERSKY.

My cousin says that she believes that since the name Sosha, Yehudis,
Sheindel, and many more, are very common in the Bohusher family and
in the FRIEDMAN's family this might in itself be evidence of

Thank you

Yisrael Asper

P.S. Also do any of you have a portrait of our ancestor the BaCH,
father-in-law of the TaZ?

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