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To all Czernowitz site members

My apology in taking this opportunity of publishing a question to the site's
members (I have no idea how to get the list of members).

I have exhausted all resources known to me (No much left due to ageing and
Holocaust acts).

I am looking for any information in regard to my Grandfather Jacob Roll that
lived in Czernowitz in the family house at Brauhausgasse, deceased in 1944
He worked as an accountant in the local Beer Factory and was married to
Rachel (Kohler) Roll (Rachel came from Kohler family that resided in
Costynci - 25 Km west of Czernowitz - owning a farm land there).
To some account he was belong to the Viznich Hasidim stream.

He may have a brother named Mayer Roll.

Could anybody help in this matter...., his parents and parents where about,
Brothers, birth place, birth date, education, occupation, anything....

I am the last and only remain of the family and am appreciating any help.

Thanks in advance

Aaron Roll

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Dear all,

Does the name Daniel Rachmuth mean anything to anybody?

There is a 1942 Cernauti Jewish ID card for him on ebay, with photograph.
The link is

Best regards + Happy Chanukah,


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