Our Czernowitz Ancestors' Addresses

From: Simon Kreindler <simonkreindler_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 08:39:37 -0500
To: Cernowitz List <Czernowitz-L_at_cornell.edu>
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<x-flowed>> I want to thank all of you who have voiced support for the idea of
> developing a spreadsheet with the names and addresses of our ancestors
> in Czernowitz. I like Jerome Schatten's idea of ultimately putting the
> list up on the Czernowitz website but for this to be wothwhile we need
> a lot more names and addresses, so please keep them coming!
> Unfortunately, I don't have the time to undertake the other list
> Jerome has proposed (i.e. the names of all the ancestors our group is
> researching and the names and e mail addresses of those who are
> searching). Perhaps someone else might want to volunteer to do this.
> Happy Hannukah and best wishes for 2004 to everyone,
> Simon Kreindler
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