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<FONT size=2>On the second day of Hannukah in 1959 my father saw an elderly
man sitting alone on a bench in front of the Haifa Municipality.</FONT>
<FONT size=2>He looked familiar, so my father approached and after a better
look at him, he asked:</FONT>
<FONT size=2>-"Aren't you Mr. Meshulam Friedmann of the Friedmann
Vegetarian Restaurant in tbe Russischen Gasse in Czernowitz?</FONT>
<FONT size=2>-"Yes, I am!" said the man.</FONT>
<FONT size=2>-"So why are you sitting here outside in the

<FONT size=2>Mr. Friedmann told my father that he lived with his son and
daughter-in-law who had a small boy in a very small apartment. It often
got very crowded. Truth was that his daughter-in-law was not delighted
about his constant presence, and there were often arguments between the couple.
Mr. Friedmann told my father that he tries his best to be out of the house as
much as possible.</FONT>

<FONT size=2>Do you remember the Friedmann Restaurant? Do you remember the
vegetable soups, the pirogen, the Totsch, the luscious cakes? This
restaurant was a landmark in all of the Bucovina.</FONT>

<FONT size=2>Anyway, my father invited Mr. Friedmann to come along to our
house for lunch, which he did. In the course of further talk, Mr. F. said he
would like some other living quarters, and it so happened that a single man
rented out a room of his flat in our house.</FONT>
<FONT size=2>Mr. Friedmann moved in the same day.</FONT>

<FONT size=2>He became a member of our family. We celebrated all holidays
together, and I...have a recipe book of some very luscious cakes which were
offered at the Friedmann restaurant. Of course he himself never worked in the
kitchen, but he still remembered how certain cakes were made. I also have many
photos of him, he was such a pleasant looking man.</FONT>
<FONT size=2>In fact he had one son, Salo Friedmann living in New York,
married to a cousin of my mother's, and he had another son living with his wife
in Nazareth.</FONT>
<FONT size=2>Sometimes...own children are not the answer. He adopted our
family, or rather we adopted him until the day he got very ill and passed away.

<FONT size=2>I wish you all a Very Happy and Carefree
<FONT size=2>Lucca</FONT>


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