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Hi Irene,
I remember being taken along by my mother to the Tuerkenbad. It was quite an
adventure. Actually it was a "must" because at that time bathing
circumstances at home were quite difficult. Either there was no warm water,
or the pipes were frozen completely. So whether we liked it or not, we had
to go to the Schwitzbad. It was a pleasant social event because we were
usually joined by friends and neighbors.
I hated the "Heissluftkammer" as well as the "Dampfbad" being too hot for a
little girl, but I loved lying there on a large wooden plank and being
soaped from top to toe by one of the attendants.Somehow I believe that
this was my beginning love-affair with every kind of sauna later in life.

Now what happened one day was that my mother discovered a...louse on one of
the sheets there, and gave our a big shriek. She made me dress quickly, we
left the Schwitzbad and never went there again!
Mixed memories...
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> Thanks to all the boys ( Freddy, Jerry, Hardy, Berti) for your Roemer -
> and
> Tuerkenbad stories.
> Very nice.
> I wonder : how got the GIRLS their weekly bath?
> Can you or someone tell us, please?
> Regards
> Irene, Haifa

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