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Dear List,

 Bruce, I can't agree more with your suggestion. It is essential to elect
officers to act on behalf of the group. We already have experience in acting
as an organized group.

Yehudith Yerushalmi-Terris
Rishon le Zion,

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> Dear List,
> Much encouraging news from this digest. I would encourage Marianne Hirsch
> to proceed with a meeting in Czernowitz to further discuss details.
> One other important point I'd like to make, which I've tried to make in
> the past. With a group as large as ours, we could, if unified, be a strong
> voice with regards to the future in Czernowtiz. To that point may I
> suggest that we consider the possibility of forming a corporation. Some of
> you know that the LitvakSIG is incorporated. By doing this they elect
> officers that act on behalf of their group.
> In our case, when questions arise, a group of officers, gaining a
> consensus of the group's feelings on certain questions, might speak with a
> stronger voice than individuals writing sometimes contrary opinions.
> When I visited Czernowitz three years ago, I became convinced that this
> city could become a center for Jewish genealogical tourism. Of course, the
> city government would have to cooperate, but looking at the advantages for
> them, perhaps they would. It would be a win - win situation. The city
> would gain tourism, and we would be more able to preserve the records and
> places which are important to us.
> I totally believe our group could help in this endeavor, and much more so
> if we were united in? our actions.
> Bruce Wexler
> Jackson, NJ
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