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Hi All

In response to Gary Rogovin insightful comments,

Issue # 3
> Once the approval for the final design (whatever it may be) and the location
> for it in CZ has made by the Chernivtsi government, I would personally prefer
> to have the plaque made in the USA, mainly for the purpose of better control
> over its production and cost. How that could be worked out while using an
> artist in CZ to do the renderings, I am not sure. If the CZ Artist/Sculptor
> would be involved in not only the making of the plaque, but also in trying to
> expedite the Chernivtsi government approval process of both the final design
> and the display location, the cost of the plaque would reflect his involvement
> in those processes. However, in all probability, it would still cost less in
> total then to make it in the USA.

I used the below company to fabricate my design of a marble plaque
that I brought to
Romania and had placed on my family's building by the local
authorities. We e-mailed and spoke on the phone with the company to
make sure the Romanian language was properly engraved. (They even put
in mounting screw holes) This is just another option once a design
has been decided upon.


All the best to the group on a wonderful project,


Joe Poras


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