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From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 05:55:26 -0400
To: Joe Poras <>,
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

Thank you Joe,

If any member of the list is going to Chernivtsi before the end of July
and is willing to take either a bronze plaque or a stone plaque with them
and be responsible for having it mounted, I will consider this option.

I have already received two price quotes for having the plaque
made in the US.


> Hi All
> In response to Gary Rogovin insightful comments,
> Issue # 3
>> Once the approval for the final design (whatever it may be) and the location
>> for it in CZ has made by the Chernivtsi government, I would personally prefer
>> to have the plaque made in the USA, mainly for the purpose of better control
>> over its production and cost. How that could be worked out while using an
>> artist in CZ to do the renderings, I am not sure. If the CZ Artist/Sculptor
>> would be involved in not only the making of the plaque, but also in trying to
>> expedite the Chernivtsi government approval process of both the final design
>> and the display location, the cost of the plaque would reflect his
>> involvement
>> in those processes. However, in all probability, it would still cost less in
>> total then to make it in the USA.
> I used the below company to fabricate my design of a marble plaque
> that I brought to
> Romania and had placed on my family's building by the local
> authorities. We e-mailed and spoke on the phone with the company to
> make sure the Romanian language was properly engraved. (They even put
> in mounting screw holes) This is just another option once a design
> has been decided upon.
> Code=LEM&Product_Code=MM
> All the best to the group on a wonderful project,
> Yours
> Joe Poras

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