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Given Mike's story about the Wunder-Rebbe, I thought I would supply my
own told to me by my father.

My grandfather, Isidore Tauber lived in Czernowitz. Although he was not
Chasidic, he was friendly as a boy with Rabbi Israel Friedman, who was
the Sadigerer Rebbe from 1884-1907.

My grandfather had an older non-Jewish friend who was the son of a local
nobleman. The non-Jewish friend was despondent over a broken love
affair. My grandfather who was teenager at the time (late 1880s)
suggested they visit the Wunder-Rebbe. After they met with the
Sadigerer Rebbe, the Rebbe told my grandfather that non-Jews get married
all the time, and so will this one. On the trip back to Czernowitz, a
wheel broke on their carriage. My grandfather realized that a classmate
lived nearby. They made it over to the classmate's home and of course,
my grandfather's friend eventually married the classmate.

As Rabbi Israel Friedman died in 1907, he could not have been the Rebbe
that cured Mike's father, but Rabbi Friedman's son, Rabbi Avraham Yaakov
Friedman, who became the Sadigerer Rebbe in 1907, could have been the
Wunder-Rebbe of the story.

Larry Tauber

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At the risk of boring you, here's a medicine story my dad told me a few
years before he died.

When he was 5 or 6, he suddenly became terrified of horses. This was a
serious matter in 1915/6-as the town was full of horses pulling carts
and carriages etc. He wouldn't go to cheder and refused even to go out
to play .

My grandmother did not take him to the doctor -what could he do to help?
No, she took him to a Wunder-Rebbe. The Rebbe sat my father down,
covered his eyes with his hand and told him to imagine a street with no
horses. Then he asked him to imagine a little horse coming down the
street, who wanted to be his friend. And so on, until the imaginary
street was packed with friendly horses.

Then the Rebbe said a Mishaberach (blessing), took his hand from my
father's eyes, and pronounced him cured of a fear of horses. And he was.
I don't know who the Rebbe was but he was apparently well-known around
Cz for his "healing" skills.


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