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Hi all,
  For some time Mimi tries to demonstrate and point out the wonderful
  of the Ukrainean people she encounters.
    There is no limit to her admiration : the taxi drivers ,the sculptor,
the people
      on the streets . All friendly , helpful and smiling people.
       Looking eagerly for any possible attributes to enhance her oppinion.
     Now also Bruce joins the ranks , but he can be explained - he wasn't
there in 41.

    On the other hand ,for our people - only disdain .

     Let us not forget that 1,500,000 Jews were butchered in the Ukraine.
      Many mass graves still not discovered.
        Many , many thousands butchered by Ukrainean collaborators even
before the Germans came.
           A nation of Righteous ?
            Have we forgotten ?
     PS . I can imagine the flak I will attract ,following this mail !

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> The designer in Chernivtsi, whom I have entrusted with designing
> the memorial plaque for Traian Popovici, is Sergei Kulipanov.
> I met him in Chernivtsi when I was there in August.
> We discussed all the details pertaining to the plaque, including
> the text in Ukrainian, Romanian and English.
> Since then, He has sent me a number of designs and we finally agreed
> on the one, exhibited on the"ehpes" site. Then we exchanged a number
> of E-mails, on how best to present the proposed design to the committee
> and agreed that Dr. Bursuc should present it.
> A few days ago, I wrote Sergei, that he should change the number
> from 19600, to 17000. Last night I wrote him to not change the number.
> Here are excerpts from what he answered me:
> ---------------------------------------------
> I think that you are too disturbed.
> I understand that all these changes are not your fault.
> Please, don't worry, just have the patience.
> Please, DON'T think that you are bothering me. IT'S OK,
> I understand ALL.
> ----------------------------------------------
> Compare this, from a Ukrainian stranger, to the letters
> from Gary Rogovin and Anny Matar.
> With such "friends", who needs enemies?
> Mimi

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