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The Ehpes website organization:
  The Menu rubrique too narrow- needs shifting -cumbersome.
   The groups order - a disaster : more than 30 titles with no
   Cookbooks, cemeteries , maps , pictures, popovici, reunion....
     Without specific navigation instructions you dont find a thing.
     No alphabetical order. No logical partition.
       Ehphes has grown and needs some trafic regulations.
        Logical sub-divisions.

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> Czernowitzers...
> Several items have been added to the Website at:
> --From the Menu on the Home Page
> 1. 'In Stories, Histories...' Irene Fishler sends background material
> and a list of passengers (all survived the wreck) on the Viitorul in
> 1942. This is Item #42.
> 2. Also in 'Stories, Histories...' A short biography of Salomon Kassner,
> journalist, lawyer, poet and politician by Sidi Kassner -Item #41.
> 3. Shula Klinger, Merle Kastner and I have cobbled together an 'About
> Us' introduction to Ehpes -- look for it in the Menu on the Home Page.
> 4. Consistent with Mimi's and Hardy's suggestions, I have started to put
> together a section for the Website that collects our existing materials
> on the Holocaust in Bukovina from 1940 through 1945. All I have so far
> is the proposed outline, to wit:
> ---------
> a. A short history of the major holocaust events in Bukovina (Mimi?)
> with special attention to the Czernowitz/Sadgora area.
> b. Links to, and descriptions of, all our internal
> holocaust/occupation/deportation/ghetto related stories, documents,
> photos, lists, etc.
> c. An Archive of our past posts 2002-2011 relating to the
> holocaust/occupations/deportations/ghetto, etc. (this is about half
> complete at present).
> d. Links to external sites databases and materials other materials
> dealing with the holocaust in Bukovina.
> e. A reading list (Iosef and others?).
> f. Summary - The answer to the question: "Where did all
> the Jews go?" (who will do the research and write this -Hardy, others?)
> ----------
> If you or your family were impacted by the events of this time and
> place, you should consider writing your story if you haven't already
> done so. As well, any material you might have in the way of photos,
> testimony, links to other web materials, etc. will be more than
> welcome.
> If you're writing, it doesn't have to be a long piece... a few
> paragraphs would do if that's all you have to say. We have editors so
> not to worry about your English. Or write in another language and we'll
> find someone to translate it.
> If you wish to help in any way; there's lots to be done! Three of us are
> currently engaged with this project.
> As a start, I'm trying to think of descriptive a name for this
> section... I need some suggestions. Then there's the niggling question
> of where to continue this discussion: on-list; on the Blog; off-list as
> a sub-group?
> In closing, thinking about the increasing number of requests for family
> information given a surname, Joyce Field reminds us that the JewishGen
> Holocaust Database at:
> contains more than two million entries, from more than 150 component
> datasets of both victims and survivors and is searchable by surname.
> Best,
> jerome
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