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Mr. Davis,
In your example you have two great grandmothers. In order for your great
grandmother's mother to also be your other great grandmothers mother, it
would have to mean that your two great grandmothers were sisters. In order
for your two great grandmothers to be sisters, it would have to mean that
one of the sisters is the mother of your grandfather and the other sister is
the mother of your grandmother. Is that the case, assuming there was no
breaking the usual rules about marrying relatives? If that is not the case,
could you kindly explain to me then in simple terms, how your great
grandmothers mother could also be your other great grandmothers mother,
assuming no divorce and subsequent marriage.

Thank you, Sir.

Gary Rogovin

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Yes, but beyond a couple of generations it is possible that one or more
ancestors could be in two places on the chart. For example my great
grandmothers mother could also be my other great grandmothers mother
without breaking the usual rules about marrying relatives (assuming a
formal marriage took place).

But at that stage some form of notation is needed, and as a Jew I have an
aversion to assigning numbers to people. I make exceptions where athletes
are concerned and in some other cases. Maybe M and F would be better.
Then, using Gary Rogovins method, I would be M (for male) and my mother
would be MF (for female parent of M). Her father would be MFM and his
mother would be MFMF. Alas, M and F could also be interpreted as mother
and father so the meaning would have to be explained at the outset.

I happen to know that in my case MFMFMMFM is Rabbi Menachem Mendel Stern,
where I am the M on the left. It seems like a compact way of writing it
and with a name attached it gives a unique designation except for those
ancestors who are in two or more places on the chart, of whom there are
many in most families I am sure.

Gary Davis

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